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  • Number: LZ-8002
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 Product Name: Simulated Rice Straw.
 Product No: LZ-8002
 Product Size: Widht100*Length268MM 
 Tiles per m²: 160 pieces / M2

    Simulated thatch is first invented by international building material expert John Symbold. Combined with Asian ecology, “ZhanZhongKai” corporation designed the simulated thatched tile, which acquired China patent and many international certifications.

    Our product is made of pure aluminum, which is produced by special manufacturing craft. Its advantage of fireproofing, long durability, anti-corrosion makes it an ideal decoration material.
    . 100% fireproof, anti-wind, environmental friendly
    . Strong adhesive quality, High hardness, anti-corrosion, no threaten of bird and insects
    . Long durability, life span of 10-50 years
    . Beautiful and elegant colors
    . Easy installation, flexible, unrestricted of different shape of roof.
    . Light weighed, easy for structural design
    . Good manufacturing performance, easy to manufacture it to different shape. . Recyclable, environment safe 

  Product feature:
   Size design: The size of simulated thatch must be chosen properly, so that the natural thatch style is kept, yet reduce the quantity of simulated thatch.
   Model design:The unique design make it look natural, artistic and easy to install. Those features make it a sound alternative of natural thatch.

  Application field:
   Park, Zoo,Amusement Park,Holiday Village, Folk Culture Park, Tourist Attractions, Hotel, Seaside, Swimming Pool,Super Market and Farm etc.